Home again, home again, jiggety jig

We made it back in one piece, and in pretty good time too. Pam’s dad is going to get some help from outside sources, and the four of us are all home now.


And she said I did a phenomenal job with the dining room and kitchen – still smells like Pine-Sol in the house 🙂


Video posting test

Yes, I know this should work, but I want to do it anyway. This is a video I shot from the front seat of the car while leaving the city of Wayne in search of cheap gas. (Long story.) The background music is strictly coincidental, as I was playing it off of my iPod through the car system, and I wasn’t planning on it being there. It seems to work well, though 🙂


This video started life as a 274 meg .avi file. I then converted it down to a 56 meg .m4v. Who knows what posterous is doing to it; I just hope it’s viewable when it’s finished.

Podcast test

I’m just going to leave this here… it’s a link to my latest podcast episode. No RSS, no Atom file, just a link to the mp3 file. Let’s see what Posterous does with it…


if (FlashDetect.installed) { $(‘flash_embed-tHbhuqGznC’).show(); $(‘quicktime_embed-tHbhuqGznC’).hide(); } else { $(‘quicktime_embed-tHbhuqGznC’).show(); $(‘flash_embed-tHbhuqGznC’).hide(); }