Power’s out


7:45 pm, Memorial Day. The power’s been out for over an hour by now. Apparently a tree got knocked down and took out one of the only overhead power lines in the area.

Several neighbors have broken out their generators, and the air is filled with their rattle and hum. If the power doesn’t come back soon, I may have to dig out ours, just so I can get the sump pump fired up. That, however, will mean popping the emergency release on the garage door, hauling the generator out of the garage, pulling the exhaust tubing for the drier so I can feed an extension cord into the house… dreadful stuff.

It’s estimated that the power will be back on by 9, and I won’t have to do any of that work. In the meantime, I’m just sitting here on my front porch, enjoying the sunlight while it lasts.