I’ve been listening to a lot of industrial music the past few days after finding it in my Amazon Music account – a band called The Crüxshadows in particular. I was listening to their song “Winterborn” as I was walking out of work today. Dark and brooding, full of acoustic instruments and chants, lyrics of suffering and sacrifice – a good fit for the weather and the mood of the day.
I stepped around a building just as the song swelled and the chorus came in (at 1:30 in the video). A bell chimed as I set my foot down on the sidewalk and stepped into a strong, cold breeze. My coat and scarf billowed behind me as I walked, and I thrust my hands out to my sides to capture both the air and the moment. As the singer sang the line “I am Winterborn”, a single snowflake drifted down in front of my face.
I couldn’t have shot a video with a more fitting and dramatic scene.
I’m still not fully up to speed on the lyrics, but I sang the last two lines of the chorus out loud right there in the parking lot 😀

7 thoughts on “Winterborn

  1. Hi there! I’m stopping over from Jenny Lawson’s blog. I thought I’d visit a few blogs from her site and I was surprised to find another Michigander on her site! So hello to you from the mitten state! I’m curious where you are? It’d really be funny if we were close by! LOL!


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