I have no more excuses, and I blame Hutch

Last December, J.C. Hutchins – novelist, screen writer, and all around cool cat – announced that he was going on a weight loss routine to improve his health. As I recall, his stated goal was to lose 30 pounds by the end of February. I believe he passed that 30 pound goal early, as he went from this:


to this:


When he mentioned that he was going to lose his weight, I said that I was going to shoot for just 20 pounds. I figured that would be easy in two months. I haven’t managed to lose any weight since I said that, and depending on whose scale you use, I might have gained weight.

I simply have no excuse to still weigh over 220 pounds when I know I should be at least 200, if not the medically recommended 180 (BMI calculated, age and height adjusted weight). Well, let me take that back – I have *excuses* – there’s the kids, and work, budget’s tight, no time to exercise, the wife’s sick a lot on the weekends… but those are *excuses*. I have no REASON to weigh 220 pounds.

So now I’m mad. I’m not mad at Hutch, because he did a hell of a thing, and he looks amazing. I’m mad at myself for not being able to do even half of that. I need to lose weight for my health, the same as he did. But I’m lame and weak. I can’t pass up a candy bar or cookie to save my life… which is just the phrase I’m looking for here, because I am trying to save my life.

So now I’m mad. And the thing about me is, when I really get mad, $#!+ gets done. I broke myself of my hypochondria after my doctor laughed at me about it. It pissed me off, and I finally got control over it. So now, I’m pissed again. And this is going to happen. I just polished off the last Cadbury creme egg I’m going to eat this year – PROMISE. I’m going cold turkey on the fizzy drinks again – PROMISE. I’m going to squeeze some kind of exercise into my daily routine, even if it’s just walking the halls at work – PROMISE.

And that pic of BatHutch is going on my phone to remind me every time I look at it that if he can do it, there’s absolutely no excuse for me not to do it.


Casualties from this morning’s basement flooding


This was the basement futon. It was left open for the past week while Katey was sick, and soaked up a lot of the water that seeped into our basement this morning. Both sections of cushion were completely soaked (the outside ones that you sit on, as well as the inside ones that provide support). I folded them in and stood it up for just a moment to see how much water was underneath it, and water ran out of the cushions and into the backing. I then made the executive decision to eject it from the house, since it was now totally soaked through with water, and likely unsalvageable.

Anybody have a futon in the Ypsilanti area they’re willing to part with cheap? 😦

Someone done mussed up mah hair


So today Michael and I went to Lady Jane’s (“Haircuts for Men!”) for our bi-monthly shearing. When we got there, I found out that neither of the two ladies I’ve had cutting my hair previously were working.  So I signed in for the next available stylist.

I should have followed my first instinct, turned around, and left.

Instead, even after finding out my regular stylist didn’t work there anymore, stayed. I walked out with what I thought was just hair that needed to settle down after a fresh cut and and get some product put in it. Instead, after a rinse and gooping, I was left with what you see above. What might be tougher to see in the pic, though, is that the sideburns are uneven. Very visibly uneven. So much so that my ten year old daughter said “your sideburns are uneven” when she saw me. Almost a half inch difference between the two.

Previously, I had been able to walk out of the place actually happy with the way I looked. Now, I’m back to letting it “grow out” and “settle down” before I can think I can look decent again.

And finding someone that knows how to cut a guy’s hair. Apparently, a place that advertises “haircuts for men” doesn’t quite know.