Up at 3 am again

Not for a power outage this time, though. I think I’d have preferred that, actually.

Pam was sick. Stomach problems again. She was shaking so badly, she was barely able to speak or walk. I ended up calling the doctor’s after hours service to see what I could do for her.

In the half hour it took them to call back (computer problems on their end), she started feeling better; well enough that I stopped thinking I’d have to take her to the ER. She’d gone from shaking in bed to just rocking, which is actually a normal response to gut problems for her. It was an hour from the time I woke up to the time I was able to talk to a nurse, and between Pam and I, we’d come to the conclusion that it definitely wasn’t a stroke, but it was stomach related, maybe food poisoning.

I was getting ahead of the nurse on the phone at one point, running down Pam’s vitals – color’s normal, no numbness, no slurred speech, normal temp, blood pressure okay – so much so the nurse stopped and asked “Sir, are you a physician?”. All I could do was respond with “No, I’m a hypochondriac”.

The nurse said it sounded like the stress of her problems could have stimulated her vagus nerve, which I guess I can accept as an answer. We’re to get her in to be checked out if it happens again, of course. She also said someone would be calling the house later today to check up on her, which was nice. So now I sit here and look at the clock, wondering how much more sleep I can get in two hours… if I was only wound down enough to get to sleep.


Power’s out, part 2

Good thing I went to bed early, huh?

It’s currently 3:30 in the morning and we been without power for half hour now. I’ve been up since then, reporting the power outage, going through the house and seeing what I can shut off, etc. I have discovered that the new furnace cannot be connected to a generator, which is, of course,¬† highly disappointing.

The initial outage report says the power will not be restored until late tomorrow night, Thursday. I would hope that will be revised with a shorter time once crews are out and get a better look at things. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here in the dark and wonder if I can get back to sleep.