Changing medical conditions

This past weekend, I woke up one morning to realise I hadn’t put on my CPAP machine the previous night. I made it through the whole night with no apnea attacks, and very vivid dreams. I decided to skip wearing it the next night, and had another good night’s sleep, with many detailed dreams and no attacks. I figured that maybe my regular exercise was helping me out in this regard.

I then woke up Monday morning to find I had run out of one of my blood pressure meds. No problem, I thought, I can make it through the day without it, and I’ll pick up a refill on the way home.

I felt much better on Monday than I had expected – more awake and alert than usual. Whether that was due to the missing med or to getting more sleep on the weekend, I wasn’t sure. My BP was a bit above normal while at work, but nothing serious. It actually improved after I got home – so much so, in fact, that I decided to see how 24 hours without this med felt.

I did one of my workouts that evening, and felt stronger and more capable than usual. My heart monitor said I got up to 156 BPM, almost 10 BPM over my previous high, and I was able to sustain that rate longer than I expected. I was considering contact my doctor in the morning to see about coming off of this missing med.

As I was getting ready for bed, I realized that I wasn’t tired (a post-dinner couldn’t-fight-it nap was surely to blame), but was starting to feel a little “off” – kind of like heartburn, but without having eaten anything to cause it. I decided to look up my missing med, and discovered that one should not abruptly stop taking this med, unless they like the risk of chest pains and heart attacks.

At 1 AM, roughly 18 hours behind schedule, I took my missing dose. As of 1:50 AM, I’m feeling a bit better, and willing to get a shot of antacid and try going to bed again. I might as well put the CPAP mask back on as well, just to be sure things are good for this short sleep cycle.