For a limited time

25 years ago(!), Rush released an album titled “Roll The Bones”. On it was the song “Dreamtime”. The chorus went as follows:

When we are young

Wandering the face of the Earth

Wondering what our dreams might be worth

Learning that we’re only immortal

For a limited time

Strictly going on the math of it all, this would have been in 1991. I would have been 21 at the time, working a 3rd shift job in a photo lab, and attending community college during the day, seeing my girlfriend (not even fiancee at that point, I think) on the eigth day of my seven day week, and pushing myself headfirst into a nervous breakdown. This was before I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, before a doctor had ever called me a hypochondriac, before I had ever heard the phrase “obsessive compulsive disorder”. Long before I was diagnosed with a weak valve in my heart that lets blood leak instead of pump it properly through my veins.

That chorus was stuck in my head for  weeks, and all I could to survive it was tell myself “Yeah, that limited time probably runs out around 40. Long time from now – you’re good”.

I’m 46 now.

Robin Williams has died. David Bowie has died. Alan Rickman. Lemmy. Patty Duke. Garry Shandling. Abe Vigoda. Glen Frey. Natalie Cole. Dan Haggerty. Merle Haggard. Chyna. PRINCE. And as of this posting, today, Michelle McNamara. She was only 46.

I’m 46 now.

I am sure as shit not ready for my immortality to be up.


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