25 MINUTES in Taco Bell’s drive-thru tonight

Tonight, I made sure I filled out the little customer survey on the back of the receipt I got from Taco Bell. I entered the following in the optional box for why I felt I had less than an excepttional experience:

“The time spent in this Taco Bell drive thru, from when I first pulled in to line, until I pulled away, was twenty five minutes.

Twenty. Five. Minutes.

I wasted time and gas waiting and waiting and waiting to be served. TEN minutes from the time I pulled into line until the time I was actually able to place my order. FIFTEEN minutes from the time I placed my order until the time I received it.

I could have driven to a local grocery store, bought myself a nice steak, and taken it home in that amount of time. I could have gone to a nice sit-down restaurant, had a waiter take my order, and have a lovely plated meal served to me in that amount of time.

When did Taco Bell stop being fast food? I went across the street to Burger King to get the other part of my dinner order (since I wasn’t just getting food for me, but for the rest of my family that didn’t want Taco Bell), and it took SIX minutes – and that included the time I spent waiting for a fresh order of fries to come up. TWENTY FIVE minutes is utterly inexcusable.”


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