What a difference a drive makes

So, after last week’s shenanigans with the golf cart, I’ve been walking around with a very sore chest and shoulder. I almost called the doctor about it on Thursday, actually deciding Wednesday night that I was going to call in the morning. As it usually happens, though, I felt much better in the morning after deciding to call, so I thought I’d give it until Monday.

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling better than Thursday, but no better than Friday. My day was improved, however, by my son Michael readily agreeing to log some more driving practice time, in exchange for a stop to the local 7-11.

After an hour(!) of driving, we pulled in to the 7-11, did our thing, and headed out to the car. I went to hop in the driver’s seat, and remembered – once again – that the kid scoots his seat up closer to the wheel when he drives. So I half-sat in it and hit the release lever to let it slide back.

As usual, I slid back with the seat. As NOT usual, it slid back further and faster than I expected, and stopped with a very shocking THUD. I howled in pain, then groaned in pain, then took a few gasping gulps of air in pain as I slowly sat down, doing a quick inventory to make sure my ribs were all still there. Michael asked if I was okay, and once I was able to speak again, I realized that yes, I was okay. In fact, my ribs felt better… almost like I’d rattled something back into place with the car seat.

After further study this evening, I have decided that what used to hurt a lot yesterday barely hurts at all now. What felt like a dislocated rib now feels like a pulled muscle. It’s not back to normal just yet, but… well, I think Harry’s dad said it best:


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