Exercise update

Here is a picture of my belt that I am wearing as of today:


Style dictates that one typically wears their belt fastened at the middle hole. Function dictates that the spacing between holes on the belt is about 1 inch.

You may notice the distortion and wear about the middle hole. This is where I have worn my belt until recently. You may also notice that this belt is, in fact, fastened two holes from the middle. You would be correct in determining that I can, in fact, tighten my belt two notches, and can do so with relative comfort. By my analysis, that would imply that I have lost about two inches off of my waist since I started my exercise program at the start of the year.

Holy $#*+!

I appear to have hit a plateau in my weight-loss attempts at around 8 pounds down (this is obviously due to my poor self-discipline when dealing with chocolate), but I am continuing to show improvements in physical form and muscle definition. I am certainly not at the 40+ pounds down and six-pack abs I have seen some participants lose in the infomercials, but, as they say, “your experience may vary”.

I’ll certainly take it for now.


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