Fire and Rain (and Snow and Slush)

10:30pm. I’m standing ankle-deep in water and slush in the middle of the street, with a spade and a dandelion puller in my hands.

I’m digging through a foot of snow and ice to find the storm drain out on the street. It doesn’t looks like the rain is stopping any time soon, and even if it does, this record-setting amount of snow is going to melt on top of it. It’s gotta go somewhere, so I’m making sure the drain is clear.

It occurs to me, as the lightning flashes again, that I might not be in the best of places. Then again, the boots are water-proof, and the tools have wood handles. *CHUNK* *SCRAPE* *FLASH* *RUMBLE* *SPLASH*

The fancy grooves in the drain cover are revealed, and water starts rushing into the drain. I chisel out a few more paths from various directions, giving the water a path of least resistance downhill. Another long flash of lightning over my shoulder suggests that this might be enough work for tonight.


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