Katey’s off to her last cross-country meet

I dropped my daughter off in the school parking lot this morning, and she hopped in a friend’s van without a word. Since Pam was sick yesterday and I felt like I was coming down with the flu, this was set up already.

I’m back home now, and she’s off on her way. After the meet, they’re all going out to eat, which is something she’s been looking forward to all season.

I’m a bit bummed out that I’m not at the meet, actually. Yeah, I would have been cold and wet, and I would have spent most of my time looking at my phone. But there would have been around 20 minutes when I would have been out of my chair, cheering on someone that didn’t want to be cheered. I would have met her at the finish line, and gave her water, and walked her back to her friends, and listened to them breathlessly recap how the race went for them.

This is the last meet of the season. It’s her last meet in middle school. I don’t know if she’ll be running in high school. Plenty of unknowns in the air, and this is one regular thing that’s going away.

Part of me is still feeling like it’s fighting the flu, so it’s happy to be lying in bed. But the part of me that’s typing this still wishes it was out there, cheering on the girl that doesn’t want me watching her run.


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