A future visit with @neilhimself


Best-selling author Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself to the Twitterverse) is coming to town in July on a book tour. This is happening a week before my birthday, so my dear and lovely wife said that I could go see him as a birthday gift. Attending the event means that I will receive a signed hardcover copy of his new novel, as well as the opportunity to have up to two other Neil Gaiman titles signed.

This is incredible to me since I received, as a wedding gift, a copy of Sandman #50 signed by the author, P. Craig Russell. Neil Gaiman wrote the comic book series, and it was my first exposure to his work. Since then I’ve read many other books and seen other movies of his (as well as that episode of Doctor Who), followed his tweets and read his blog, but all that started due to my love of the worlds he created with the Dreamlord.

Our wedding was in August 1993, so I have waited a long time for this day to come. I had hoped for years that I might find some way to get it into Mr. Gaiman’s hands. With any luck, this will happen in July 🙂

I have so many other items I might be able to being as a second item – a leather bound Sandman compilation (from another friend), a Sandman poster (from yet another friend), a hardcover copy of “Good Omens” (which he wrote with Terry Pratchett), an advance reader copy of his novel “Neverwhere” that I picked up from a free book pile at work… But I will definitely be taking the comic at a minimum.


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