This is our storm drain


This is also every storm drain in our subdivision. Work has begun this week on upgrading the waterlines in our subdivision. In the process they have plugged every drain in the neighborhood with this sheeting – I would assume to prevent dirt and mud runoff into the drainage system.

There’s only one problem with that – it’s raining.

There are thunderstorms rolling into the area, and there’s more rain forecast for tomorrow. Our drains do a decent job of handling rainfall, but I don’t think they’ll handle it as well when they are closed. I’ve seen enough pictures of flooding north of us to be greatly concerned about flooding down here as well.

As I understand it, all of this work has been subcontracted out to other agencies and no responsibility will be accepted by the county itself. This would mean we would have to contact a third-party in the case of flooding.

This does not make me happy.


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