There goes that idea

Well, the PVCs are back, and as bad as ever. They are definitely timed to the stomach twinges, which really isn’t a surprise. If this is like the last time, my stomach’s really irritated and sensitive. It’s why I found out about them in the first place, after all. Blood pressure’s acting up, too. It went from 145 / 78 to 120 / 58 this evening. Definitely time to see the doc; calling them tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “There goes that idea

  1. I started noticing PVCs happening, and frequently, about 12 years ago. Went to various doctors and finally a cardiologist told me to have my esophagus checked. Went and had upper endoscopy and found significant ulcering in stomach and esophagus. Got on Prevacid (particularly effective daily proton-pump inhibitor (helps stomach acid)) and have been on it since. I notice maybe two or three a day now. I am also on Atenolol for bp, and that also acts to help with PVCs, as a side effect to why I am on them (conveniently).

    Have you had a real investigation into gastro situation? If so, being treated? For me that was the cause of frequent PVCs. Good luck.

    • I would love to only be feeling two or three a day again. Until recently, I’d been going days without noticing them.

      I had a camera stuck down my throat back in 2009 after complaining for a year about throat and stomach problems. Nothing found. I’m not looking forward to the possibility of doing that again.

      I’ve been taking Prevacid again for the past week, but it doesn’t seem to be helping yet. I’ve used it in the past for “regular” heartburn, and it’s always helped. I was taking Atenelol previously for BP, but it stopped being effective.


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