“April was when the ducks would trust us again”

So yesterday, Neil Gaiman started spewing a massive flood of re-tweets from his Twitter account in response to a new writing project he had started up. The plan is for him to write a series of pieces for a calendar based on ideas he gets from his fans, with each month using a different theme – “What’s the strangest thing that happened to you in February”, “What would August say if it could speak?”. The following was a response to his question for April:

@neilhimself: April was when the ducks would trust us again; my father and I fed them fresh bread stolen from the inn he worked at. #AprTale

That concept of regaining trust from ducks instantly caught my attention and set my mind a-whirling. I replied back to Nikki, saying “were it not already your story, I’d try to make that my own somehow”. She replied back “Love! Everyone’s story is different, yours would never be mine — feel free to jump off it, I’d be fascinated.”

So, there’s another story snippet stuck in the idea junk drawer in the back of my mind, alongside the dragon and the gateway in Graffitti Alley, and the wild wizard boy that can see your aura, and the three women questing through the snowy mountains. I will put some serious effort into writing something on this in the near future, and we’ll have to see where the ducks take me 🙂


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