Homegrown exercise equipment = bad news

So I’m trying out some exercises, and they want me doing pull-ups. I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life, so I’m doing resistance band pull-downs instead. I’ve got the monster rubber band slung over the coat closet, hooked on a removable coat hook. I’m working through the reps, got a good deep stretch going…


And the hook breaks.


And I shoot myself in the chest with it.


So I’m curled up on the floor, gasping in pain, clutching my chest, and the dog’s in his bed next to me, looking at me like: “What am *I* supposed to do?” Nobody else hears me, so I eventually suck it up and get to my feet – well, up off the floor, at least. Quick check – shirt’s still white, so the skin’s intact…


But there is a red mark the size of my fist on my flabby right pec; that’s gonna be ugly in the morning. Good thing I had that extra padding, actually.


The worst part about it all is that I don’t want to stop. It was feeling good, right until I started making projectiles out of the furniture. I can see where the six-pack is supposed to end up. I went 15 minutes and only wanted to quit once… and I *didn’t*.



Well, let’s see what else they want me to do that doesn’t involve pullups or artillery…


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