lucky and memorable

So I went out to lunch today, and ended up at Panda House at the Michigan Union. (Yeah, yeah, don’t judge me. It was that, or more pizza.) As I was walking out of the building, I was accosted by one of those dirty, hairy beggars on the sidewalk.


You know, squirrels.

So the little devil just starts walking towards me as I’m heading out the Union door. He gets to almost within grabbing distance when he realizes I don’t actually have any food in my hand, so he turns around and hops up onto a concrete bench. I then remember that I still have the fortune cookie from Panda House in my pocket. So I maintain eye contact with him (don’t want to be suddenly pounced upon) and open the package. He realizes that it’s a food-like substance I have in my hands and perks up a bit as I crack the cookie open. I put a piece down on the bench right next to him, he looks at it, sniffs… looks up at me…

and then turns up his nose and jumps off the bench.

Rejected by a squirrel. The humiliation!


As I’m walking away from the scene and heading back to work, I take a moment to read my fortune:


Memorable, sure. I guess if the Chinese food doesn’t do me in, I can count myself lucky as well 🙂


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