Music I’ve bookmarked on Pandora, Part 1

(This is about Pandora, the streaming music service, of course…)

So I tag songs on occasion to show them to the missuz later, and I keep forgetting to do that. So, I’ll instead share them here, and then hopefully she’ll see the link on Facebook and take a peek 🙂 I may have mentioned a song or two in the past, so excuse me if I repeat myself.

(It’s also worth noting that these songs all came up in my Abney Park station, and are typically rocking / orchestral stuff…)

“Go Away”, by Delain – one of a great many Skandihoovian metal opera bands that end up in my rotation. I really love the drums and keyboard in this song, and her vocals are great in any song they perform.

“24”, by Jem – This isn’t the actual video, it’s a fanvid made from clips of “Ultraviolet” (which is an awesome action flick, btw) – I love the ringing bell keeping time in the background of this one, and the feel of the clock ticking that matches the lyrics perfectly. (I highly recommend headphones for this song, and a bit more bass.)

“Death’s Diary” by Marc Almond – This is a very ear-catching song, and makes me think of tango or salsa dancing. Not very bright or cheerful lyrics, but when I first heard it, I thought it was an 80s song that I missed from Pet Shop Boys or Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It turns out that the singer used to be in Soft Cell, which explains the familiar sound.


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