New jacket project

I got a new jean jacket for Christmas, since my last one was falling apart at the seams. I wondered what to put on this new blank canvas. I tweeted Captian Robert^ from the steampunk band Abney Park and asked if I could put their logo on it, and I got his blessing! (I’d post a link to it, but as of this moment, I can’t go more than a week back in twitter’s archives.)

So I found a pair of jeans too small for the kids to wear any more, and finally had something to test my new metallic fabric paints on. My experiment came out looking like this:


So I think I’ll be good to go full-scale this weekend. I’m planning on shiny gears around the edges for accents, with the logo the main piece in the center of the back. I’ve gotta make sure it’s ready before the World Steam Expo, when they’ll be there in concert!

^ No, that is not a typo. He spells it that way.


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