Is there a fridge repairman in the house?

And if there is, would you be able to tell me what’s making this noise?

Our freezer has been acting up lately, and right now we have it set to maximum cold, and popsicles are still a bit squishy. I know it’s a matter of time until it dies completely. I’m up for replacing a part, if it’s something I can get to without needing a degree in engineering. I mean, I fixed our dishwasher on my own by replacing a timing unit. If this is a bad fan or something, I can get that done easily.

It’s not a constant sound; it clearly comes around when the cooling system comes online. I’m just not sure if it’s a fan, or a blower, or something in the chilling system. Also, I’m not brave enough to try and open it up to take a closer look, for fear of something dying because I was poking at it…


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