Someone done mussed up mah hair


So today Michael and I went to Lady Jane’s (“Haircuts for Men!”) for our bi-monthly shearing. When we got there, I found out that neither of the two ladies I’ve had cutting my hair previously were working.  So I signed in for the next available stylist.

I should have followed my first instinct, turned around, and left.

Instead, even after finding out my regular stylist didn’t work there anymore, stayed. I walked out with what I thought was just hair that needed to settle down after a fresh cut and and get some product put in it. Instead, after a rinse and gooping, I was left with what you see above. What might be tougher to see in the pic, though, is that the sideburns are uneven. Very visibly uneven. So much so that my ten year old daughter said “your sideburns are uneven” when she saw me. Almost a half inch difference between the two.

Previously, I had been able to walk out of the place actually happy with the way I looked. Now, I’m back to letting it “grow out” and “settle down” before I can think I can look decent again.

And finding someone that knows how to cut a guy’s hair. Apparently, a place that advertises “haircuts for men” doesn’t quite know.


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