Cristofori’s Dream

This song came up on Pandora while I was working today. I first heard it when I was working as a busboy in a restaurant in Bay City. I discovered the cd changer they had wired into the dining room audio system, along with a handful of other instrumental / new age cds. I just turned the player on one day, with the volume really low, just enough to barely be background music. Nobody ever complained.

I love this whole cd, but especially this song. It’s so simple, yet so powerful… and my daughter would call it depressing, like any of my other instrumental music. I’d almost agree with her. It’s definitely a deep song, and quite stirring. But it’s still really good. It really makes me wish I could write music, just so I’d have a really high goal to try to reach.


One thought on “Cristofori’s Dream

  1. For some reason I read that as you being a bus boy in the Bay Area and wondered how you got from SF to Michigan…Nice song!


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