Can’t sleep :p

I just tried going to bed, and I couldn’t. Laying there, feeling kinda crappy, with pressure in ears again. I wasn’t sure if that was due to my blood pressure being up, or due to tension in my back and shoulders, or maybe the chronic pokey pain in my ribs acting up again. So I got up, checked my BP, and the first reading was 143/82. Then I checked it on my other arm, and it said 152 / 78. I checked the right arm again, and this time it was at 163 / 81. Blargh! :p

I’m not particularly worried, since I know my readings go up at night, and the low number (diastolic) is staying around 80. That means that the pressure in my veins after the heart has pumped and is refilling is at a “normal” level, I also know that worrying will increase my BP, which turns into a vicious feedback loop with me. I also have a bit of an upset stomach tonight, which doesn’t help my BP, since it irritates my whole system. But even with all this not worrying, I still have to try and get to sleep. I popped a Benadryl before coming out to take my readings, which should help. So I sit here, ears burning red and hot, wondering when it’ll help so I can get to bed…

Last reading I’m going to take tonight… 152 / 84. Blargh. In the words of Max Headroom, “How do I get to sleep?



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