It’s Subway Sunday!

While driving to the kennel in Ann Arbor to pick up the dog today, I drove by muscle memory and ended up near where I used to work. So, as usually happens, my mind wandered back to that time, playing back memories of working there, and “Subway Sunday” came back to me and brought a smile to my face.

(Now, the following should only make complete sense to the half-dozen or so former co-workers that follow me on Facebook, but I figured it would be fun to at least write down and note a little personal history.)

To explain:

I used to work at a network operations center located in Ann Arbor, and we supported (if memory serves) over 50% of the AOL dialup network in the US and selected sites worldwide. Our work schedules were staggered, working 4 days on and 3 days off in a week on 10 hour shifts. When meal times would come around, there would usually be one person who would volunteer to take food orders from folks and run out for them. It was a good way to get a little “away time” during the work day, even if it meant having to keep money and orders straight for co-workers and brave the sometimes inclement weather.

Also, as a means of making our jobs easier, we had an instant messaging system called Zephyr that we could use to shoot messages to co-workers or groups of users without having to shout or otherwise disrupt the goings-on of the work day. You could customize the look and feel of the messages you were sending to some extent, with a custom header full of different colors and fonts.

So while I was there, I ended up with the habit of going to Subway for lunch when my schedule had me working on a Sunday. This eventually led me to set up a custom Zephyr config that announced my messages with “It’s Subway Sunday!” in them, with the text in yellow and green, like the Subway colors.

So there was that, and a bunch of other memories… putting in a Halloween workday as nWo Sting (yes, complete with facepaint), seeing a co-workers black Aztek on some service’s satellite map system and noting it’s the only vehicle ugly enough to be recognizable from orbit, avoiding the geese that we weren’t allowed to defend ourselves again… ah, memories.


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