Podcast episode #65 – Steampunk and babble

Hey, check it out! I finally have a new episode posted! As usual, it sounds kinda choppy and weird, and I apologize for breathing so heavy in your ear in the first segment, but that’s the way it goes with me. In the future, I will try to not record segments after hitting the stairs. I believe this clocks in a bit over 20 minutes, and 11 meg. It should load right into your RSS feed and / or podcatcher (wow, there’s an old term). If not, I’ll look at it tomorrow.


One thought on “Podcast episode #65 – Steampunk and babble

  1. Good bit on this one. Remember what you told me why Steampunk is big now, and cyberpunk has almost died out — cyberpunk is too close to reality now, and steampunk is something that could have been.


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